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Cat & Mice Shadow Lamp


This lamp may look like it’s just a couple of mice having a chat but a very different situation becomes clear when you turn it on. This design has an interesting and very effective folding system to create a high lit staircase effect up which the mice are seen to scamper up while the cat looks on.

It can be mains operated using the supplied USB cable (requiring a mains USB socket or plug) or they can be connected to a computer, laptop or power bank battery. They also have a battery option to use 3 x ‘AA’ batteries via the battery compartment in the base.

There are three lighting mode options — continuous, pulsing glow or a gentle tea light flicker. These can be scrolled through by pressing the touch-sensitive switch on the front of the lamp.

3 in stock

Made from

laminated paper


Height 30cm. Width 10cm


The lamp will not charge when connected via the USB cable., There are no interal batteries, the USB will only supply power to the lamp., Intended for indoor use

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