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Black Cats Duo Sided Wheat Bag


The dual sided wheat bag, pair soft, breathable fleece that sits cosily against your skin with our gorgeous cotton fabrics, available in lavender scented or unscented.

Comforting, warming and relaxing, a natural way to soothe aches and pains.

Each wheat bag is filled with cleaned English wheat and the scented version includes English lavender buds.

Simply place the whole wheat bag in a clean microwave with a rotary turntable for 90-120 seconds at 500- 1000 watts.

This can also be chilled in a freezer or the fridge for use on sprains.

Care Instructions

Wipe clean only


Wheat beige

Made from

100% Cotton and fleece


Complies with British Safety Standards BS8433:2004, Made in England


47cm x 14cm approx


Scented, Unscented

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