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  • Cat of the Month May 2020

    Cat of the Meowth – May 2020

    Say hello to the beautiful Doris! You decided to crown her MeowCo Cat of the Month for May! Doris is only 18 months but she certainly made an impact on our social media pages! I’m told that Doris a massive daddies girl and sleeps around his head every night – how lucky is he?! Doris …

  • MeowCo Cat of the Month April 2020

    Cat of the Meowth – April 2020

    Say hello to our April winner Maisie! Maisie is 9 years old and she was rescued by her pawrents from the RSPCA in her hometown of Leicester Maisie is a huge fan Dreamies… she loves them! Her favourite place in the whole wide world is the window sill in dad’s office Maisie is not bothered …

  • Cat Of The Meowth – February 2020

    We would like to introduce Jessie! Jessie has been crowned our Cat of the Month for February! She is our youngest winner that we have had… to date! At a mere 6 months old she has made a huge impact on her hoomans and doggy sister Meg. Jessie was adopted from a local charity on …

  • MeowCo Cat of the Year is…………

    Yes… you crowned the beautiful Thunder as your MeowCo Cat of the Year 2019! Thunder became our very first female to win our MeowCo Cat of the Month competition in November! Her staff can be seen regularly posting photographs on our Facebook page to keep her Royal subjects up to date with her catliness! We’re …

  • Cat of the year

    Cat of the Year Contest!

    Say hello to our fabulous MeowCo Cat Of The Month Winners! Who would you like to see crowned MeowCo Cat Of The YEAR?? Leave us a comment to vote for your favourite, or find us on social media to cast your vote! Voting ends 31st December!!

  • Cat Of The Month

    Cat Of The Meowth – December 2019

    Merry Christmas from Chalka Cat all the way from Poland! Chalka is 3 years old and was adopted from the Charity ‘Animals from Minsk’. She is named after a sweet bread that her daddy loves to eat! Chalka’s pawrents say that she acts nothing at all like a cat… she follows them everywhere and likes …

  • Cat Of The Month

    Cat Of The Meowth – November 2019

    THUNDER!!! Meet our Cat Of The Month for November! This little beauty is Thunder! Thunder was given her unique yet fabulous name because when she was a teeny kitten she liked to chew through the electrical wires! Her human daddy thought that this name was the best fit for her – I agree! Thunder was born …

  • MeowCo Cat Of The Month

    Cat of the Meowth – October 2019

    Here’ssss Johnny!! You crowned Johnny to be our MeowCo Cat Of The Month for October! You’re not seeing double! This is Johnny with his brother Cash! Johnny is 2 years old, his birthday is 12th May making him a Taurus! His favourite thing to do is play hide and seek with his shiny collars – …

  • Cat Of The Month

    Cat Of The Meowth – September 2019

    Meet Mr Monsoon Monsoon! Crowned MeowCo’s Cat Of The Month for September! Monsoon was born on 13.5.2013, hes on the cusp of Aries and Taurus… interesting!! He is an indoor cat and as his human works from home he’s glued to her for most of the day. He likes to wake his human each and …


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