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  • Cat Of The Month

    Cat Of The Meowth – August 2019

    Meet Fernando! The Winner of our first competition! ‘Nando’ is 3 years old and has been adopted by his Grandpawrent when his daddy relocated – daddy does come to visit regularly and it’s like they’ve never been apart! Fernando also has a big brother ‘Finney’. Finney is his nemisis! Fernando can often be seen basking …

  • Cat Of The Meowth

    Cat Of The Meowth – July 2019

      Say hello to our very own Dexter – Head of fluffy kitteness! Dexter is 5 years old and joined the MeowCo kittens at the tender age of 8 weeks! Dexter is the face of MeowCo, he can be seen on our logo and social media profiles. Dexter is also the very first feline that …